A Christmas Co-Working Event

Dec 21, 2017 09:00 - 18:00 UTC
1 people are attending
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As Christmas arrives and the year ends, join us for on of the last remote working networking events of the year! Prepare yourself for 2018 and kick of the business year with, you guessed it, awesome  business connections! 


Join this special Co-Working Event and you'll...

  • work hard together
  • get to know each other
  • share knowledge
  • collaborate
  • learn about the Flexpackerz App
  • learn about Flexpat
  • toast on Christmas and 2017


Who is this event for?

Anybody who likes to work from anywhere, share knowledge and get to know new interesting people to do business with.

They go by many names, like:

  • remote workers
  • freelancers / zzp'ers
  • digital nomads
  • startups
  • coffice workers
  • flexpats
  • flexpackerz


  • 9:00 coffee, thee and something sweet offered by HNK Rotterdam Centrumand Café SOOF *
  • 9:30 kickoff by Ferdi Jansen (Founder of Flexpackerz)
  • 9:45 introducing Flexpat by Michael Schrock
  • 10:15 introducing the Flexpackerz app by Ferdi Jansen
  • 10:45 explanation of the Community Board
  • 11:00 work, network, cowork 
  • 16:00 xmas toast at a nearby bar **

* First coffee or tea and a sweet treat are on the house, other consumptions are for your own account.
** First drink and bites are sponsored by Flexpat, but feel free to continue the party and give a round to your new business friends ;)


About Flexpackerz
Our mission is to help you to work from anywhere and connect to the local community of professionals, students and entrepreneurs. With the brandnew Flexpackerz App (coming very soon) you can find the best places for remote working, varying from cafés and other public venues to the more professional places like coworking spaces and flexible offices. With the app you can also see who else is working around you, so you can meet interesting people to share knowledge and collaborate with. We even help you to break the ice. 

About Flexpat
Flexpackerz and Flexpat have a lot more in common than 6 letters. Just like us, Flexpat believes the future is remote work and they want you to be a part of it! Flexpat has united a dynamic community of digital professionals who want to live and work location-independently. Their platform gives you access to exclusive deals, the latest digital tools, work opportunities, and a global network of remote experts.